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Sammy HLN5065W--Technical idiot looking for help

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I've had my Hln5065 for about two weeks. Thus far I only have standard cable (waiting for the HD Tivo for DirecTv) Despite that, the picture has generally been good, but I have heard about the service menu and understand that it may be possible to make adjustments to improve the picture. This brings me to two basic questions.

How do I access the Service Menu?

What adjustments are recommended?

If there is a prior thread addressing this, please let me know. Thanks
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Hi and welcome to AVS.

Please browse the "Popular Threads" post stuck near the top of this forum.


Especially the Samsung section.

Good luck!
Don't do anything in the SM for a while. Here is the password. :)

Find Samsung Firmware Version:

The firmware version installed on any set is recorded on the first page of the SM. There is a long ID number at the bottom of the page. The

last three digits are the firmware version of your set.

Remember that in any dealing with Samsung you are not supposed to know your firmware version.

Instructions for accessing the Samsung Service Menu:

Anyone using these suggestions should know that I am passing on the wisdom of others and that I have no personal knowledge of the

Samsung DLP TVs. I'm still waiting.

On the other hand I can recommend, without any reservations, recording all original SM settings before making changes.

****** Thanks to LCH for a clearer explanation than the one I wrote. 09/02/2003 ******

Turn Melody off in the user menu (allows entering the Service Menu from power On state without using a lamp cycle).

With the set ON, press Power-Mute-1-8-2-Power in quick succession.

(If the set is already off, just do Mute-1-8-2-Power )

The service menu should appear for the input you were viewing before keying the above sequence. Be sure to give the set enough time to

complete the process(30-60 seconds).

While in the service menu, you can change inputs with the TV/Video button to view the SM for other modes.

Use the CH up, CH down & select keys to navigate the Service Menu. Press MENU to return to the main Service Menu after viewing

individual functions.

Later, you will use the VOL(+) & VOL(-) keys to change the SM values.

To Exit the SM, power off. Leave it off for several(30) seconds. (until all cooling activity
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