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Hi guys,

First time poster, long time lurker. Great forum! I tried to do quite a bit of searching on these sets, but there are so many posts / threads about a former forum member by the name "Sampo" that it's tough to get anywhere.

We recently received a 50" Sampo set (OEM'd to Polycom) back from a show recently. FYI, here's the tag info:

Product Name: MD-50F13NBC

Model: PMP-50FPSM

Serial: 02199200221

Build date: 10/2010

Based on some other factors, this was written off with a batch of other equipment that was damaged. When power is applied to the set, it buzzes loudly near the center of the back. The display does not light. No abnormal smell / burning is detected. Power cable / source have been swapped, with no change. No inputs present; just 110VAC.

No physical damage is evident to the display or its packaging, but......who knows. We do an awful lot of technical diagnosis around here, but displays aren't something we have a heavy hand in.

Any first thoughts? We'd be happy to invest a reasonable amount in parts, if available, should a solid diagnosis come about.

Thanks a lot guys...any input is much appreciated!
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