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Before a description of my problem a quick word on my setup.

I am running both HDMI out to a 1080p video projector, as well as component video (and Toslink digital audio) to feed my analog HDTV.

Both of the video outputs and the fiber optic audio cable are being switched by my Denon 2800.

When I put on a standard DVD the output format is defaulting to HDMI. Also, I get standard Dolby Digital output to my speakers.

However, when I switch the output to Component (to view on my analog HDTV), the audio output drops off. The video of the DVD can be seen on my HDTV, but no sound is being output via the toslink cable. I am 99% certain that this cable is properly seated in the back of the Samsung.

Any ideas as to what is happening?



(Update: The problem was in the Denon's digital audio setup menu. Sorry for the false alarm!)
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