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Not sure where to post this. Just brought home a un65f6400 from Best Buy. I loved the pictures but had problems loading apps... I spent the day with Samsung support yesterday. It was bumped up to their "Remote Manager" department. ..After long talks I am told that many of the 2013 or f models that were just sold are having a similar problems and they were overwhelmed with calls on this issue. ....

The apps do not load inspite of a great internet wifi connection via my router. I do not see the preloaded apps on my app section. ie no netflix, no pandora etc..... We did about 7 resets. It was never solved.

They said they had received many calls from 2013 f series TV buyers yesterday. They said it was a problem with the samsung server...a bandwidth issue and should be soon corrected within 24 to 48 hours. I am now waiting...

looking back online I see the same problems mentioned in avForums in January and March 2013 with the E models...


any ideas....?
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