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I just got the Samsung 2253LW computer monitor.

I have a few questions.

1. When I got to a screen with a very black background, such as a webpage, or a game menu screen, the screen fades and looks darker.

And in a particular game menu screen, it starts to flicker.

If I was on a webpage, and I return to a background that is white, the screen brightens.

Is the screen automatically turning darker an example of black crushing?

Is there something I can do with the settings to prevent this?

Actually, I just avoided it from happening for the first time right now by setting the MagicBright to "Sport".

But can someone describe and confirm what and why this is happening?

2. Why does switching to "movie" make everything look slightly more yellow? Everything seems a little less bright, and there seems to be a slight yellow tint.

Is there a reason for it, and what settings are used in the "movie" setting to make this happen?

3. What's the best setting for watching streaming video, such as NBA games?

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