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Looking to place an amp/receiver next to my tv. I have the Samsung Slimfit 3082W machine. I've read all the problems on the post dedicated to the unit, but I've experienced nothing but bliss from the TV - free HD content over the air is absolutely beautiful and DVD picture is *awesome*. I'll never subscribe to cable or satellite! I *sometimes* have some lip sync problems with my DVDR (Samsung R135), but the picture is perfect. No geometry problems or anything else - just really heavy. I've enjoyed the set since July.

I'm considering the NAD 320BEE (analogue inputs) as well as the Panasonic XR57 (digital) and a used Teac AG-H800 (tripath, digital) to feed rosewood Onix xl-s for a 2 channel TV & movie system. Should I worry about placing the amp too close to the TV? Do digital amps have any effect on CRTs?

Also, as a side question - I've read on the slimfit opus that my tv is 1080i. Why is it advertised along with the most mid and bottom shelf hdtvs as 720p? It is a full resolution HDTV, yes?

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