The Samsung Space Monitor offer 32" of 4K in a novel form factor. The articulated clamping arm saves space and lets you put the screen where you want.

When it comes to PC monitors, whether it's for use in the home or office, one of the main challenges is finding enough space on your table or desk. Especially with larger 4K monitors, the footprint of the stand consumes precious real estate. But that’s not the case with the new Space Monitor ($499.99) from Samsung, it features a clever design that incorporates cable management and allows you to clip it to the edge of the desk, allowing you to position it freely while taking up practically none of your actual desktop real estate.

Thanks to the novel design, you can even use this monitor with it resting against the desktop, tilted at the angle of your choice, as if it were a giant laptop screen. Any way you use it, the space savings are significant, hence the Space Monitor moniker.

Features and Specifications

This is a mainstream, multipurpose 4K monitor. As such, it is not gamer focused, so the refresh rate tops out at 60 Hz. However, it does feature a game mode and response time is quick at 4 ms; the native contrast ratio of the vertically aligned panel is 2500:1 (native) and peak brightness is 250 nits. The screen measures 32"(diagonal) and is bezel-less on the top and sides.

The "height adjustable arm stand" with an integrated clamp is what makes this monitor unique. Because it allows you adjust the monitor's height, tilt and distance with ease, you can appreciate all the detail provided by 4K with optimal ergonomic comfort. Samsung has tested the hinge to ensure that it withstands thousands of adjustments.

Here's a good look at the height adjustable arm stand. Photo by Samsung.
Connectivity is either through an HDMI 2.0 port, or a mini DisplayPort 1.2 connection. The native resolution of this 32” LED-LCD monitor is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Plus, this monitor features picture by picture (PBP) capability, allowing it to display two different sources concurrently on-screen, side-by-side, at native resolution. Furthermore, this monitor has picture in picture (PIP) capability and built in upscaling.


Unpacking and assembly went quickly thanks to the well thought out design of the Space Monitor. It only takes four screws and a minute of my time to attach the stand, which is designed to clamp onto the edge of a desk or table.

Connecting the included cable took in additional 30 seconds, carrying the assembled monitor over to the desk took another 30 seconds, adjusting the clamp to attach it to the desk took about 60 seconds, and plugging it into the power strip, plus HDMI port of the PC took another minute or so. Finally, adjusting the desktop graphics settings and the HDMI black levels took another minute. In other words, it only took five minutes to set up the Space Monitor.

A key aspect of the Space Monitor's design is how you can push it back so that it rests flat against a wall, or you can bring it forward so that the bottom of the monitor rests on the desktop. Adjustment is smooth and easy, so you can find that ideal position, and the sturdy clamp ensures it stays put. A provided combination power and HDMI cable runs down a channel built that's built into the back of the articulated stand, the end result is a clean look that complements the unique functionality of the stand. The coolest thing you can do with this monitor is pull it toward you and then tilt it up. Combine that with a wireless keyboard and you've got something akin to a giant laptop monitor. Indeed, it's pretty much the perfect monitor to use with a laptop that offers 4K HDMI or DisplayPort output.

The Samsung Space monitor can tilt and move forward, so you can see every detail of the 4K screen.

Various settings and features are accessible through the menu system, including the various modes found under the Picture submenu, where you can set Samsung "Magic Bright" to Custom, Standard, Cinema, and Dynamic Contrast. You can also tweak the color settings balance, adjust the color tone (white balance), and change the gamma in this menu.

When the monitor is in Standard or Custom mode you can even select one of two different upscaling modes. This is also where you will find the Game Mode settings as well as the Pixel Response Time setting, which improves the clarity of fast-moving video in higher settings, according to the help tips in the menu.

Hands On

Not only does this Samsung Space Monitor have an innovative physical design, it is a high-performance PC display that offers full 4K resolution and a high-contrast picture that’s very color accurate, even right out of the box. I could immediately see that I’d trust this monitor for color work in Photoshop, or while using a video editing application.

I installed the monitor on Danya Henninger's desk (that's my spouse, folks) since she is a hardcore PC user—she's the editor of a news and culture site and is on her computer from dawn until dusk and beyond.

Danya's feedback was purely positive, she loves using the Samsung Space Monitor. Not only does it look great, but she noted that it turns on much faster than any monitor she's used before. In a world where we expect phones to wake up instantly, even a little lag in wakeup time is noticeable! And, she also found it to be the sharpest monitor she's used, with notably clear text. I agree 100%, and I'd add that screen uniformity is essentially perfect, in addition to the spot-on color.

Based on the performance of the review sample, this is a monitor with picture quality you can trust to display content faithfully, without the need for a custom calibration. Grays and whites are perfectly neutral. Plus, there plenty of picture modes to suit your specific application, although in the end I found Dynamic Contrast mode provided the most consistently pleasing visuals by modulating screen brightness based on content to ensure deeper blacks but also vivid brights when called upon.

No question, the claims of desktop area saved are accurate. The monitor does not take up any space, aside form a few square inches for the clamp. Combine that with the completely hidden cables and you've got an aesthetic as well as functional triumph!

Samsung is a leader in antireflective screen coatings, and this monitor is practically immune to reflections. Moreover, it achieves this without obscuring any detail—as is sometimes the case with matte screen finishes. The end result is that you can see everything very clearly, even in a room with daylight coming through the windows since this monitor is plenty bright, too.


Whether it's used for video editing, Photoshop work, Internet browsing, corporate spreadsheets, Netflix binging, or some 4K gaming, this is a monitor that delivers a beautiful picture without encroaching on your workspace.

Samsung's Space monitor is a genuinely innovative design thanks to its unique, clamping hinged stand. It is an ergonomic dream, simultaneously saving desk space while offering a new take on positioning flexibility. While it's not necessarily the first monitor I'd suggest to a gamer, I heartily recommend it to anybody looking for a multipurpose monitor with a space-saving twist to it.