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Samsung 32" LN-R329D LCD Delay in Gaming?

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I may have be experiencing some delay on my Xbox360 with games such as Halo2 and COD2, is this possible with a Samsung 32" LN-R329D LCD? I thought delay only pertained to DLP's? This LCD has an 8ms response time, so i assumed it would be good for gaming? Would a Sharp Aquos or Sony Bravia XBR1 solve this issue? Or is it a simple setting i have to change?
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Make sure you use the component cables and set the output to 720P. The video delay is usually a problem with 480i signal only. LCD response time has nothing to do with video delays.

I'm in the market for an LCD TV and would like to know what you think of it. I'm no video specialist, so I'm just looking for your first impressions.

Do you watch HD? Have you connected a PC, and what about DVDs?


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I am considering returning the Samsung for the Sony A10 3LCD series 50" or 42" LCD rear projection,i am leaning more towards the 42", would this be a wise move? I can afford it, so is it worth upgrading to it, this current samsung would be a breeze to return also. Which is better for gaming.

The exact model # of the sony is KDF-E42A10
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