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Over a month ago my Samsung plasma went out. It was due to a thermal expansion issue with this particular model. They replaced the screen and the TV starting working again, or so I thought. The 3D sync output no longer works. So they replaced the boards in the TV. Still did not work. I got a new 3D IR emitter and a new pair of glasses, still does not work. I can put the TV into 3D mode with no problem. However, it will not send the sync signal to the emitter for the glasses to work. The Samsung tech is at a loss. Nobody can seem to figure out what's wrong. I tested my emitters and glasses on a friends set, he has the PN42B450, and they work, so I know it is not an issue with those. It is still an issue with the TV. Any help or info any one can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping Samsung will just give in and replace my TV.
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