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Does the samsung 3d televisions support 3d subtitles?

  • 01. Yes they do but it want it one very specific procedure to do that

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  • 02. No it doesn't support 3d subtitles to any file ONLY 2D SRT SUBTITLES.

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How i can see one 3d sbs(Side by side) or u&d(Up and down) mkv file with 3D SUBTITLES and NOT with 2d subtitles?

Already try to convert the srt subtitle i have for most of the 3d sbs mkv movie files into these two files(idx & sub) and put it at the same folder as the mkv movie file with the exactly same file name as the mkv 3d sbs movie file but my friend samsung ue40d6000 doesn't regonise it at all it show me the movie without any subs even i press the subtitle button or i open the subtitle menu.

I try to combine these two files idx and sub into the mkv file as the sub 3d subtitle file still without any progress.

PLEASE HELP ME HOW I MAKE THIS 3D LED TV support/see/appear these 3d movie subtitles.
Here i have one rar file with 4 1minute mkv video samples with

01. Coraline(Internal 3d ass)

02. Immortals(Internal forced idx-sub)

03. Journey to the center of the earth(Internal forced sup)

04. The adventures of tintin(External 3d ass)

If you want you can download and try it at your tv and tell me witch 3dtv you have and if any of these 4 video files play correctly these 3d greek subtitles or not.

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