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Hi guys,

I have Samsung LCD TV with model number LE40B554M2WQXU. When switched on( if it turns on at all) it works for few minutes and displays goes black. When i press a button on the remote, I can see that the red light on the TV is flashing, which means that TV is working and receiving signal from the RC. After unplugging it few times it might turn on again. Found a lot of videos on youtube, saying it's a capacitor issue and they need replacing. Problem now is, that i am unsure which pair of capacitors should i replace. There are two- one pair of 1000uF 10V and another pair of 1000uF 25V. I am attaching photos for you to see. Please advice which pair needs replacing.


PS both pairs look fine to me.



Third picture is the power board(just for reference)


Thank you in advance.
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