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$650 purchase price, but includes $350 in Dell gift cards.

I jumped on it. A previous model was $500 with $150 in Dell gift cards a few weeks back and had a huge following at slickdeals. This is a better deal, but for some reason has less hits so far. Sorta dumb to have $350 in gift cards - I'll probably try to sell mine.

Points of note

Tax was like $48 for me

Shipping was free

I used the cashstar gift card purchase to get an extra $50 back in dell gift cards when I purchased $300 in Dell gift cards (this is maybe not worth messing with - because you aren't supposed to be able to use the extra $50 on the same order --- though some people are having luck combing the gift cards by contacting Dell customer support by phone. I just plan on using the bonus $50 towards a bluray player or some toner)

I used DiscoverCard to get 5% cashback on the dell order through shop discover.

It gets real complicated when you figure in all the cashbacks - but suffice to say I got a really good deal on a 40" LCD that was ranked average at the $700 price range, but at the $250-$350 price range depending on your coupons and cashbacks you utilize --- is a smoking deal IMO.

There is a thread at slickdeals.net

I'd advise not to do all the shenanigans advised by some the hard core slick dealers to avoid headache - but some of the stuff seems to work, and ultimately you get a $350 Dell gift card back at the end of the day even if you play no strings at all.
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