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I'm in the process of deciding on one of these sets for a sunroom location. I've read the Samsung specs and have seen each, but not side by side: BB has a 4041, but doesn't carry 4092; CC and Sears has only 4051; a local merchant has a floor model of a 4092. Initially, will be in viewing std. def. mode with going to HD a possibility, but more costly ($15/mo more).

Costwise, I can get a model locally with these prices: 4041 for $1199, 4051 for $1619. and 4092 for $1675 (with a $100 in rebates reducing price for 4092 to $1575). Appropriate taxes on top of these prices.

Am afraid of purchasing online, where prices are much lower, for fear of lack of service backup and subsequent hassle.

Just read thread on 4092 vs. 4051 comparison.

Need your thoughts as to whether better specs for 4092 is worth the extra money over the other two Samsung models.
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