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I'm in a different situation here than most. I currently own the 55B650 and this TV serves me fairly well for TV shows & a PC monitor. I watch my movies on my JVC Projection setup and this TV pales in comparison when it comes to size and overall picture quality in a darkened room.

Having said that, my SXRD will likely get replaced from Sony and the Sony 60EX720 or the 55EX500 are my options. The big question is whether or not the 60EX720 is at least as good as the Samsung 55B650 for black levels, motion, motion flow, etc. If so then I'll buy that one and move the Samsung upstairs. If not I'll buy the EX500 and just replace the SXRD upstairs. It will cost me just over $200 for the EX500 and just over $1100 for the EX720. Any info on these would be helpful since I don't keep up with TVs quite as much as I used to.

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