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I'm getting close to buying one of these models and am having trouble figuring out the differences between them. I'm hoping folks can explain what the pros and cons are here.

I am looking at 55" models. I can't really go bigger and don't want to go smaller.

The Samsung 6000

The Samsung 7000

The Vizio XVT552

And the Vizio XVT 551

Here are my questions:

Is there any real difference between the Samsung models other than internet connections? One thread on here had a post saying they were was basically identical. I looked at both models side by side the other day in the store and couldn't really see a difference. And I plan on hooking these up to a HTPC, so I don't really care about internet connectivity, since I will already have it.

What about the Vizios? They seem about the same price, so I am not sure what the up side to them is. How is Vizio quality stacking up vs. Samsung? I am not a big fan of the large sound bar on the Vizios, and I wont be using it (Onkyo 607 AVR will handle all sound), so I am tempted to skip Vizio based on that alone. And isn't the 240hz on the Vizio kind of a hybrid 240hz? And I am not even sure why I would want that. A three year warranty would be nice though.

What else should I be considering here if anything? Having looked at these models in a few stores I can't really even see a difference, but I know you should beware of what you see in the store vs what you will see at home. That and I have an untrained eye (I don't even have a TV right now, so this is all very new for me). I like that the Sammys are thinner than the Vizios, and I think the TV itself is more attractive (the set, not the image its makes).

(Provided FYI)

1. Budget = $2000 or so

2. Seating distance = 10 - 12 feet

3. Size/placement limitations = Its going over my fireplace on a wall and 55" will fit, but I can't really go bigger.

4. Uses and sources = BD and DVDs internet videos and HD cable TV mainly. Probably watching sports and movies will eat 80% of its time. A bit of gaming is possible too.

5. Room lighting = Living room with plenty of natural light, but no direct sunlight on or near the TV (its on the south facing wall).

Thanks for helping me make sense of this. Its a lot of money to spend for me, and I like to feel like I am making as informed a decision as possible! Thanks in advance for all your thoughts and help.

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Does anyone know if some of these are edge lit and some are back lit? I hear edge lit is to be avoided. I meant to ask that in the original post and just remembered.

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The Samsungs are edge-lit......the Vizios are fully backlit with local dimming.

I personally don't like edge lighting in that I believe them to be a compromise. There can be brighter areas where the LED's are located on the edge of the screen and possible uniformity problems across the screen.

They are thin and people like that.

Do a search and you will see a few reviews on the Vizio 551.....Home Theater Magazine.......Secrets of Home Theater.......Cnet.......reviews are prett good.




The only difference between the 551 and 552 is the internet apps.

If you buy the Vizio, I would get it at Costco......90 days to return and they extend the warranty an additional year.

The 240hz is a hybrid.....works fine though......some people claim it's hard to see a difference between 120hz and 240 on up.......

Good luck.
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