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Samsung 65F or Sony v3000?

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Hello, this is my first post and I'm trying to figure out which lcd to get. I can not decide between the Samsung 65F or the Sony v3000. Which one would you get and why? Both prices are the same ($1,799). Please inform me as to which one to purchase. Thanks
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I'm very pleased with my 5265F and am curious as to where you are finding one for $1799?
I'd go with the 65F just for the deeper black levels it has.

Originally Posted by empinball /forum/post/12841819

I'm very pleased with my 5265F and am curious as to where you are finding one for $1799?

He must be referencing smaller I don't think you can even get a refurb that cheap on a 52". Both are good panels IMO so match them up to your viewing conditions/preference. I see more positives on the Sony for SD processing and built-in sound if that matters at all to you and of course the obvious screen types which may or not matter.

The 65 series is good but falls short of the 71 series but of course more money also. I like both but personally I aim for the top shelf of the 71 or xbr4 so your aiming for the little brother in either of these with same DNA but just short but for many excellent enough with the cost savings and I'm an empty nester that can afford to bump it up whereas I couldn't during my younger days. Good Luck - you have two good choices here.
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To clarify the size of the lcd, they are both the 46 inch models. So what is the verdict the 65f or the v3000? Thanks.
I compared these sets side by side and noticed the yellowing/greening fleshtones on the Sony when viewed off axis. It was reported in the big V3000 thread here. I don't recall a calibration fix for it either. It was very noticable once you know to look for it. A problem when everyone can't sit directly in front of the set. You should eyeball the Sony and see if it bothers you.

Neither of the sets had been calibrated BTW.

I'll be deciding myself soon. Right now it looks like a Samsung LNT 5265f as it is ~ $2k everywhere online at the present time.
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