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Hello. I have a samsung HLT6756W which is giving me some fits. It started turning off on me once it is on for around 20 minutes (the picture would go black for a few seconds, but still sound, then shuts off). It then tries to restart. When it tries to restart, I hear a constant, quick beeping noise until it shuts back off to try to restart again. It does this three times and then gives up. Then the red and two green lights blink on the set after it shuts off completely.

I originally thought it might be the lamp (it was replaced about six months ago) so I swapped it for the original one I kept which is much dimmer. It still does the same thing, but the set stays on a little longer, around 30 minutes with the older lamp.

I've taken the back off, blown out all the dust, re-seated the lamp and also checked to make sure the cooling fans were working. Both fans seem to be spinning, although the smaller one on the left is a little noisy.

Any advice? I've heard issues with lamps, the ballast, fans, and the color wheel. I just didn't want to start throwing parts at it, but would like to fix it.

Thanks in advance.
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