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Samsung 931 - DVI to Component video question

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I've been doing a little reading on the Samsung 931 dvd player, as I'm in the market for a new player.

My TV is a 4-year old Toshiba RPTV HDTV, with only Component video inputs.

I know there's a little converter plug you can buy, that goes in the back of the DVD player and converts DVI to Component video.

If I use this, will I lose the umsampling effect from the DVI output?

Has anyone tried this.

Sorry if this question has been asked already.

Thanks for your help.

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Has no-one attempted this?
Samsungs dvi port is digital. The only way to do what you want is to get the $400 Geffen DVI to VGA conversion box & then attach a VGA to Component converter as well to get the component video feed. From what your describing it sounds like you have an analog dvi to vga converter(like the kind you get with graphic cards)-that wont work with the 931. The analog converter will work with the momitsu dvd player-that had an analog dvi feed. IMHO, for you, its not worth it either way. The big benefit with the dvi players it to get a direct digital path(and 1:1 pixel mapping) with a digital monitor(DLP, LCD, LCoS, or Plasma)
Thanks very much, tboo.

That was the explanation I was looking for.

Guess I can wait until I get a DVI-capable display :)
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