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Samsung 931 - problem with Superbit The Professional

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Just picked up a copy of Leon: The Professional Superbit version today. I'm haiving trouble getting this thing to play in my Samsung 931. At first it doesn't even want to load the disc. It recognizes it as a DVD Video disc, but then says the disc in unplayable.

If I power it off/on, it will start to load. My receiver detects the dolby digital sound, but no menu, and then it will give the same error. If, during this moment I do the play-stop-stop-play trick to bypass all of the menus and stuff, the movie will start to play. But, I get problems during the movie with stutters, frames freezing for a brief instant, and digital blocky noise (very similar to when I loose my sat signal due to rain etc.) The DVD surface itself looks fine. Anybody else experienceing this problem with this disc? I know, it just came out on Tues, but hopefully someone else can try it on a 931! I think I've seen previous threads where people had some trouble with superbit DVD's in the Samsung?

I also bought Lawrence of Arabia Superbit, and that plays ok. (Just watched a bit of it and scanned through chapters. Noticed no problems in what I watched.) Although, I did think it was screwed up at first because there seems to be about 4 minutes or so of music at the beginning with the screen all black. Then, the movie studio logo screen comes up and the opening credits. So, I guess that no picture with music is normal for this movie?

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Just an update - turns out I actually did have a defective copy. After examining the DVD in better light there was a clear area of the disc that was messed up. It looked like it had been stamped twice or something, there was another half circle of tracks on one side of the DVD.

As an aside, people who are thinking of buying the Superbit version of this movie, I would avoid it and get the regular International version. The sound is actually better on that one, and the Superbit version PQ has no noticeable improvements (and is maybe actually worse). I found a few reviews that agree, so save your money!

Review 1:

Review 2:
I recently picked up the Sammy HLN467W here on the west coast of Canada. Firmware version 306. It came with the promotional HD931 DVD player (DVI cable included in box) . This thing is absolutely unreal. I can't wait until there is a HD recordable box available from either Shaw or ExpressVu.

The standard definition signal from the Shaw digital cable box is VERY good on S-Video. This had been my only concern with this set and I am still very surprised with the picture quality on SD.

My issue now lies with the 931 not playing a Superbit DVD that I just picked up. I have Cirque Du Soleil 'Dralion'. I picked it up in an effort to run the new set through some awsome colors and motion. The DVD player posts a sign that the Disk is unreadable. I tried this ( Power On/Off play-stop-stop-play ) while the disk is loading but the player returns to the same message. I checked the disk for errors but there didn't seem to be any.

Maybe pressed these series of buttons at the wrong time or maybe I didn't leave enough time in between play-stop-stop-play. Has anyone else had issues with Superbit DVD's and this player? Can I get a better detailed instruction on this sequence and timing? :: thanks in advance ::
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