Remember when Internet speed became more important than the speed of your PC hardware? I know, it was a looong time ago. Anyhow, something similar is now happening in the world of smartphones. Good hardware is no longer restricted to flagship models, you get plenty of memory and a big screen and fast processor in midrange smartphones these days. But the one thing that really enhances the user experience is bandwidth, the faster your connection the faster your phone feels.

With 5G, wireless speeds compete with home-based Wi-Fi, even when we’re talking about Gigabit service. Whenever you are in a 5G service area, using your phone feels like you’re at home. That means lag free gaming, high-quality video streaming, downloading apps in an instant, and brisk Internet browsing. And for content creators, 5G offers the promise of ensuring that your captured media is backed up mere moments after it’s created.

So, in this context, it is absolutely significant that Samsung is using its midrange, but nice, A Series to debut a new 5G phone that will sell for under $300, the A32 5G. With this phone, you get a large 6.5 inch screen with HD resolution, 64 GB of storage that is expandable with microSD. And while it may not have the camera specs of the galaxy series, it’s still incredibly well-equipped in that department, featuring a 12 megapixel ultra-wide, a 48 megapixel main camera, a five megapixel macro camera, and a two megapixel depth camera! Of course it also has a selfie camera, one that offers 13 megapixels resolution.

This phone has a huge 5000mah battery and supports 15 W adaptive fast charging. It also has Samsung’s game booster feature that optimizes phone performance and battery life while enhancing the motion and smoothness of graphics.

Fundamentally, you’re getting a great phone for under 300 bucks that happens to be able to tap into the fastest wireless networks available to consumers, 5G. And the potential of 5G is just tremendous, so it’s nice to see a phone that brings so much the table and supports that connectivity.