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Hi everyone,

I do not post much on this forum, but I read a lot of topics (partly because most of you know much more about TVs than me and partly because I don't want to annoy you with bad grammar (I'm Dutch)).

I've read a lot about plasma and LCD with LED technology. Currently I'm enjoying a small Samsung LE32A330. It's not Full HD, but the image is pretty good. It's a LCD TV and I'm really lucky because it has great viewing angles for a LCD (about 178 degrees) and input lag and response time is low.

It's a waist to get rid of it, but I want a bigger TV with a smaller border, Full HD and preferably 3D. Now looking to price and quality, the PS51D6900 (I believe it's the PN51D6500 in the US - not certain though) turns out to be an almost perfect match. It's got great viewing angles (which are very important for me) and, according to the reviews, plasma provides better picture quality.

I will first tell you what I want to do with the PS51D6900 / PN51D6500:

- Watch Blu-Ray movies (mostly in the evenings)

- Console gaming

- Television (usually in the evening, but also some in the afternoon and early morning)

- Make use of Smart TV capabilities

Even though I'm usually using the TV's when it's getting dark or is dark outside, but sometimes during holidays and in the weekends I will also use it during the day. I understand that plasma TV's can't get very bright, but I was unable to find how bright the A330 can go. From what I understood the D6900 has a peak white of about 156 c/m2. If that's about as bright as my 2 or 3-year-old A330 than that's just fine. But if it's considerably lower, I'm not sure if it's a good buy.

LED TVs are just too expensive, and this plasma offers a lot for 1000 euros. A Samsung LED TV with similar features will cost you at least >1500 euros (that's about $700 more) - at 46 inch.

So, now we are getting to my questions:

- Will the D6900 ever get the internet browser?

- Does someone know what the brightness of the A330 is?

- Gaming

I also want to game on it. Think about Battlefield but also just plain simple FIFA. How long can a plasma TV like the D6900 'handle' a static image (like the scoreboard in FIFA, top left) before burning in? Keep in mind I want to play games in some sort of dynamic mode. I've understood it doesn't happen that often anymore and it will only occure when you keep your TV on for like 24 hours with dynamic settings.

And I can find very little info about the D6900 input lag, but from what I have read it's very low - is that correct?

- Watching TV

Is there anything I do have to keep in mind? The logo perhaps, but there are at least two commercials every hour of about 5 minutes each so that will 'fix' itself?

- Finally, watching 3D

I've read two reviews about the PS51D6900 and one about the PN51D6500. In the first two reviews, the reviewers were very positive about 3D and there was very little crosstalk. However, at televisioninfo.com (the third review), they were disappointed with the 3D performance.

Does anyone have experiences with 3D on this set?

And now my general question: if I move from my LCD A330 to this plasma D6900 (EU)/D6500 (US), what will the big differences be? I understand the brightness will be lower than with a LCD and power consumption higher or lower depending on the picture shown.

Is there anything else I have to keep in mind?

I apologize for asking so many questions, but it's an expensive TV and I want to do some good research before I buy this set.

What would anyone suggest as an alternative? My budget is maximum of 1100 euros (about $1550). (I understand, no price talk, but it's just an indication I don't want to get a more expensive set). (If this is the wrong section, I apologize).

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