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People on the internet say that the LNXXA530's speakers face forward. But, the speakers can actually be seen on the back of the TV, and the little grey "wings" on the side of the TV have a grill running down them (you gotta look closely with a flashlight to see them). I believe that these wings are an opening that cause the sound that is "in the TV" to channel forward.

I noticed that the A550 does NOT have the grey wings on the sides, but has one of them along the bottom. My question: is this also the area where sound travels forward through? I know the speakers are said to face downwards, but i wonder if the enclosure of the TV acts like a "speaker box" and the sound travels out through this grey thing on the bottom of the TV? Can anyone with a A550 confirm that there is a "grill-like" pattern running inside of this grey bottom piece? Thanks.
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