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I think it's similar ...samsung better!

I have a LN40A650 and the amp works very well (120 Hz)...24Hz for bluray.

Man, "I'm new in the neighborhood" and we see the same screen but in different sizes, there is something about the A650 that should know?, It is assumed that the guy who sold me the upgrade, if I go to Menu and you I give the INFO button on FW I get this information:

MODULE: T-AMBAUSC-2001.3; understand there are new updates, but not appreciate any problems with the TV, the Ln40A650 buy it in December 2008 (second hand). There are some interesting modding for this model?, Video playback would be great! as does B650.

Lg in which you thinking?

greetings from Mexico.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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