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I've had a Samsung series 630 52" LCD for 2 years. I live in the LA area and for TV I'm using a roof top antenna. The User Manual suggests setting the picture aspect ratio to 16:9 and that is what I've set it at since I got it. For the last 2 years with that setting any channels with a std 4:3 aspect ratio signal would automatically letterbox with vertical black bars on each side while wide screen signals would use the whole screen.

Suddenly about 2 weeks ago the automatic adjusting has stopped working. For most channels with 4:3 ratio the picture is now stretched horizontally, a few channels with std ratio still are letterboxed, the wide screen is unchanged.

I've tried resetting to factory defaults, I've spent several hours playing around with the on screen menu but I haven't been able to fix this. If I change the preferences to 4:3 the std signal channels look fine but now the wide screen signal is compressed.

Some people don't seem to be bothered by a stretched picture but I'm not one of them, it drives me crazy. But the only solution is to manually set the picture size each time I change the channel, not an ideal situation.

Can anyone help me understand what has happened?
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