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I'm seeing an effect on my new LN55B650 that basically can look like very faint vertical striping in light colors with motion. It's not all that noticeable but I first noticed it with motion on a white screen. I don't really notice it on a stationary picture but I do occasionally notice it with motion. Has anyone else noticed this on the B series Samsung LCDs?

I compared a 52B750 to my 55B650 and my B650 looked just about as good as the B650 did. I don't have any flashlights/clouding on my TV and the blueish tint isn't much better on the B750 that I tried out so I'd be afraid to return my set as it appears (from what I've seen others post) that I may have one of the better B650s and it may not be worth it to swap it out with another. Not to mention that I already returned the B750 and I don't want to return another TV to BB if I don't have to. I'm just not one to play musical TVs with stores.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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