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Hello. Today I got a Samsung blu-ray player, BD-E5700. The first thing I did is check media playback from a usb stick. Videos were good, it played videos that my LG cannot.

Then I tried browsing a folder of jpeg pics. Wow, the speed is shockingly bad. I mean literally it takes a full 5 seconds to load the next picture. Totally unusable as far as I'm concerned. These are not large images, just smallish web size stuff. They browse quickly on my LG player.

So, can Samsung players really be this excruciatingly SLOW at browsing jpeg pictures? I'm still finding it hard to believe that someone at Samsung thought this was acceptable, and I wonder if I might be doing something wrong. Can someone with a Samsung blu-ray player please tell me if this is normal?

Also people with other brands of players, can you please tell me how slow/fast your player is at browsing jpeg pictures from a usb flash drive? I might try a Sony player and I want to know if I'm gonna run into this issue with Sony or other brands.
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