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Samsung BD-P1000 UK Firmware help!

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Had problems installing the unit and Samsung UK didn't even know what it was when I phoned them.

So off I went and updated the firmware. Easy, you may think unfortunately I didn't realise that it was the US and now my BD player won't play region 2 DVD's. BD's are fine, it'll play region 1 DVD's only though.

I suspect I need to revert to the UK firmware or redo it......

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Is there a U.K firmware available? I thought all those laready had the new firmware becuase of their later release dates. I'm not sure you can fix this.
texwatson, I think your BD-P1000 will have no problem to play region "A" disc.
You can get the UK firmware from the samsung UK site.

There is also a region unlock, but it only works for DVD and not BD.

So it could play all regions for DVD.

I'd love to know which BD regions you could now play? I'm thinking of changeing to region A because of the better titles.
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