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Hello All. I am new to the forum and to the world of HDTV. I recently purchased the following setup:

Samsung UN55C7000 TV

Samsung BD-C6900 BD Player

Denon AVR-591 Receiver

Everything is set up and running smoothly. BD player is connected to receiver via HDMI and receiver is connected to TV via HDMI.

Before I hooked up the receiver, I had the BD connected to the TV directly via HDMI. WIth this connection, when I watched a blu-ray or DVD, the TV would switch input to "ANYNET+" and the TV picture setting would change to "BD Wise".

Now that the receiver is in place, when I watch anything from the BD player, I can set the TV input to "ANYNET+" or "HDMI1" (which is what the receiver is plugged into). Both inputs provide the same picture. I no longer have the option of "BD Wise" in picture settings though.

My questions are:

1)Should I disable ANYNET+ on the TV and/or BD player?

2)Is there a way to keep "BD Wise" when using my receiver?

3)Should I even worry about BD Wise?

Thanks in advance.
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