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Samsung BDP-1000 5.1 Analog Outs

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Last night I attempted to set the input levels of my Marantz SR9300 receivers 7.1 analog inputs using the Avia home theater calibration DVD.

The only test tone I could get (no matter which channel, center or surrounds, I selected on the disc) was through the left and right front speakers.

After reading the owners manual for my Samsung BDP-1000 Blu Ray player I learned that "when playing a DD disc through the 5.1 analog out jacks, sound will only be heard through the left and right front speakers" which didn't make much sense as the player (and box) had DD and DTS logos all over them.

Before watching season 3 of lost (on BluRay) in uncommpressed 5.1, I decided to try playing it in DD 5.1. Much to my surprise, I heard sound comming from all 5 speakers!

Does anyone know if in fact the BDP-1000 will decode DD5.1 and send it through the 5.1 analogs?? If not, what am I hearing on the Lost disc......And why would the Avia disc not play the test tones through all five speakers?

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I think it's something odd about the way it racts with the SD Avia disc.

Try THX optimzer tones on like Indy Jones or just a slew of DVd titles these days.
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