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Samsung Blur Reduction

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Does anyone out there know how the samsung blur reduction works? I have a hard time telling if it's set to 10 or 0. Supposedly, even with it set to max, you still get the proper cadence for a 24p source, and best of all, it doesn't make blu-rays look like soaps. According to sites like Cnet, it does significantly improve the motion resolution (of test patterns). So how does it work? Is it interpolating frames, or is it overdriving the lcds or something else?
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Blur Reduction is known as High-Level MCFI

It's design to reduct hold time of high-motion contents

For more info, refer to my guide
Thankslooks like an informative paper. So it sounds like 'blur reduction' is interpolating frames? Are you saying that since blur reduction is designed to work on high motion sources (50/60i/p) then it has no effect on watching a blu-ray at 24 Hz?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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