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I have the hlr-6178w set. The :Lamp: light has started to flash on the fornt of the set when we tyrn it on. I was expecting the bulb to go anytime as we have had it for probably 4 years now and have never replaced it.

In looking up the bulbs to buy for the TV, I am seeing that BP96-01073A(p) is listed on EBay, showing that my model number TV is compatible wit that model Bulb replacement number.

But the number on the housing holding the bulb shows BP96-01074A(p)

Are both compatible? Will the 01073A work?

There are tones of items listed on ebay using the 01073A number and only 1 item using the 01074A number.

Thanks for any help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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