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Hi, I have an HL-T7288W and was wondering if anyone else can confirm this bug (or not), or whether it exists on other models.

Basically, the times shown by the 'Info' button and under 'Ch. List' -> 'Right Arrow' (Next Program) differ by an hour on my set. If I were a betting man I'd bet latter does not consider the DST setting because switching DST Off brings the times back into agreement (both incorrect at the moment since we are observing DST). This happens on all digital channels I get and OTA as well as via Cable. i.e. at the moment 'Info' shows Letterman from 11:35pm-12:37am and current time of 12:11am but under 'Ch. List' Letterman is shown as starting at 10:35pm and the next show starting at 11:37pm (and, this is definitely not just a bug around Midnight, I've seen it at other times as well).

Anyone else?

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