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Which is bettter for my situation

  • Samsung UN55D7000 LCD

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I currently have a projector, but the room will soon be turned into a nursery. So I'm going to get rid of the projector and I am looking to replace my old 42" 720p lcd.

*The TV Size I am going to get will be 55" (that's the largest that will fit)

*This TV will be the only tv in the house and will be in the living room.

*The front window blinds are open very often so glare is a very big concern.

*3D is not currently a big deal to us, but I'm sure it will be in a few years.

*I plan to keep this TV for 5+ years

*I currently have Blu-ray and HD satellite, quality picture is obviously important.

*I can purchase either of them for around the same price

If any other tv's are a recommendation, I want to stay under $2500

I've read about the differences between lcd and plasma...and just not sure which way to go.
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