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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I'm sure a mod will move it to the correct spot if necessary.

I've done some research and consolidated some posts from here and from other remote control forums. The result is an Excel spreadsheet attached to this post of discrete codes for the Samsung HLS-5687W. I would imagine these codes work on other Samsung TVs - perhaps folks could chime in.

To find the codes, I used an One For All URC-8811B00 remote (which came with my MX-500 remote). This remote can generate discrete codes by pressing TV - Set - [3 digit code]. The remote was set up using the TV code 0060. Don't hold Set, just press and release. You only need to hit TV for the first codes -after you just need to hit Set then the 3 digit code.

I sent all 3 digit codes to test the TV reaction - the codes start to repeat after 255 so valid codes are 000 through 254. Of course, not every code does something and some codes only work in certain modes. The spreadsheet has a couple of codes that I could not determine the function - the TV shows "Not valid in this mode".

Once you know the function, you can use your favorite remote to learn the code from the 8811. All of the necessary discrete functions are available.

Hope this is helpful - I tried to make it simple as I'm not very sophisticated when it comes to remotes. Although the 8811 has JP1, that whole mess was way to much trouble. It's easy to send the discrete codes by just trying them all out.


URC8811 EFCs.zip 6.5458984375k . file


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