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Samsung DLP and Sears troubles

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Well, I had my Samsung only a short while before it started the lamp won't come on problem, that I read several other people had with the lights flashing on the front. It's not burned out, just sometimes takes a minute to 10 minutes to come on.

I had gotten it from Sears as BB and CC wouldn't deal with prices and Sears did. I called for repair, and after three changed appointments they finally got a guy out. He'd never even heard of DLP, and thought it had to be a plasma or LCD! He suggested since it was within 45 days, to get it replaced. I called today so they could order a new one, as Sears doesn't keep these in stock (it took a week to get the first one). They refused to order a new one without either having a $50 delivery fee, or charging my card another $3000 until I returned the broken one.

Well, it works partially, and I'm not going to return it and wait for a week or more with no TV. I told them I just wanted them to order it, and when they got the new one in, I'd bring this one back, and they could give me the new one, that there was no risk on their part. She refused!

I'm bringing it back to get my money back tomorrow. Their service is disgusting!
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Sorry to hear about your problems, but this is the wrong forum for this post. Additionally was there a question or just needed to vent?

I had a similar problem (Samsung hlp6163w - less than 2 months old) and Sears service was pretty good. The display comes up usually but sometimes it went into restart mode or blinking lights.

The tech, while in conference with Samsung tech, determined that the bulb was the problem. Anyway he ordered a new one and will be back on Friday to put it in. He seemed to be quite familiar with the Samsung DLPs.

The real scary stuff was to hear that, in the field, these UHP rear projector bulbs are not lasting anywhere near what the TV manufactures are claiming. He said the Samsung was one of the "cheaper" ones (some bulbs were more) but that they were all pretty expensive. So far they have been replacing them without charge (under Sears contract) but who knows if that will last. The Sears warranty is a little unclear as to whether they are covered. The manufacturer offers 90 days on the bulb.
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