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im new to the forum so sorry if this is a dumb question. i have read alot in here about everyone calibrating their DLPs(i have a hls6187w). i was wondering if anyone has had a professional calibration and cared to share their settings. im not happy with the out of box picture settings but dont want to go into the service menu for elaborate tweeks. any help with the picture menu settings or personal references would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

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No one is going to share with you their settings configured by a professional calibrator because it's a common courtesy to keep that information withheld. Besides, professional calibrators use the service menu to make changes so you don't have to go into the user menu and do anything. Most importantly, however, eavery set is slightly different and so there are no universal settings that make the picture perfect for every set. What might work for someone else might be slightly off (the standards) for you.

Beyond that, there are some recommended starter settings from which you can further tweak your display to your liking. From the Avical website:

* HL-Sxx67/87/89

* Digital NR - Off

* DNIe - Off

* My Color Control

* - Red - 50

* - Green - 70

* - Blue - 50

* - Yellow - 50

* - Pink - 45

* Mode - Movie

* Contrast - 40

* Brightness - 42

* Sharpness - 0

* Color - 45

* Tint - G50/R50

* Color Tone - Warm2

* Color Weakness - Off
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