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Samsung DLP help please?

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My Samsung 6178 has a colorwheel issue that I was hoping somebody could help me with. I have the blinking lights on the front panel. I have replaced the ballast and the lamp and the color wheel. The color wheel will not spin. I have tried three different wheels. I have it hooked up where i can have everything plugged in as if it was all back together but I have the colorwheel not installed in its holder. Its just sitting on top so I can look at it as I try to start up the TV. The wheel barely moves at all unless i manually get it spinning with my finger. Then it will take off as normal and then the ballast fires the lamp as normal. I have left it spinning like this for approx 5 minutes and it seems normal. It will not spin up on its own from start up without me manually helping it. Any idea what the problem is. It acts like an electric motor that has a bad starting capacitor.It does the same thing with three different colorwheels.What actually provides the voltage to the colorwheel? Thanks for any help...
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At the risk of pointing out the obvious, have you checked the safety switch? It prevents the TV from turning on the color wheel and lamp when the back panel is open. You have to close the switch in order for the lamp and color wheel to power on. It's a little blue rocker switch on the bottom of the chassis near the lamp:

BTW, I would not go sticking my hands in there or touching anything without insulated gloves when the switch is closed. There's enough voltage in the ballast to fry you extra crispy.
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Thanks for the reply, I have checked the switch. It is working properly. The color wheel will work only if I get it going by hand only. It tries to turn but just barely. Once it is turning the ballast fires the lamp as usual. Anything I can test? Im pretty handy and can perform most tests. Thanks again for replying...
Don't have anything beyond the switch, unfortunately. Are you holding it closed when you preform your test? The default state is open.

Yes i am making sure to close the switch in the operating position. 
Any body know whats wrong?
I was poking around the archives looking for an answer to a different issue (I think my bulb is getting toward the end of its life) and found this thread:


According to one of the posters, the DMD board sends a signal to the color wheel to start spinning, then turns on the lamp when the color wheel reaches the proper speed. If this is correct, your issue may be a bad DMD. You can sometimes find complete light engines from sets people have parted out on eBay for anywhere from $50 to $250. I wouldn't bother buying one new because the DMD board is an expensive part. Considering the amount of time and effort you've already invested in the set unless this is a hobby project or you can find one cheap you're probably just best off replacing the TV.
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