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Samsung DLP Stand

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My HLN5065W will (hopefully) be arriving in a few weeks and I need a good stand for it. Unfortunately, the matching Samsung stand doesn't have a lot of space for my audio components. Anyone have suggestions?
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I have the same set and got a simple stand from Target. 2 sides for components with adjustable shelves provides more space for components than the samsung stand. The sides of the Sammy extend just beyond the edges of the stand (1/2 inch on each sides)


Search this thread further...I know that there are more extensive discussions of stands for DLP and there are nicer options out there. I went the cheap route.

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Clumeng's suggestion is a good one. IKEA also has a nice "TV bench." I needed one for my 50" DLP that had wheels on it so I could get to the back of the TV and components. WoodTech had a nice one out of hardwood with six casters on the bottom. It is not perfect but it does make it easier...

Good luck.
Here is a link to information and a picture of the IKEA stand.

IKEA Stand
Any one have the combination of the Sammy 61" DLP and running the big foot Rocket center channel ? I am having a heck of a time finding something with a 12" shelf height. The wife is insisting that it does not go on a stand in front ?
I ran into the same problem with my Hitachi's stand (60v500, I am STILL waiting on my hln617w), the Hitachi stand wasn't deep enough, or had enough vertical clearance to allow cooling/ventillation.

I built an a/v shelf above my TV since I had no room on the left and right sides of where my TV is. I am no master carpenter, but the shelf is great and has plenty of room for everything.

Here's a pic:
nice job! i think your carpentry skills are much better then you let on, well i hope they are since you put all those components above your $5000 tv!

that was my biggest fear about putting stuff above the tv, i'm pretty confident, but still there's always some doubt...

as far as stands for the samsung. it's a (relatively) shallow tv, so you have a lot of choices that will work, just find one that meets your aesthic requirements.
I purchased the: StudioRTA Home Tech 3000 @ BestBuy.com in Black. My 50" Samsung perches upon it perfectly! Solid wood and glass for just over $200.
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Need a one without the divider in the middle, the Rocket center is huge. 12" H x 25" W.
I'm glad to hear you get your Tv in 2-3 weeks. When did you order it? Its seems most stores are quoting 6-8 weeks.

The best way to go with a stand is to make one on your own. You should probably go through the pictures people have posted for some ideas. Are you handy with power tools?

I hope this helps.

Some of the Bush stands (available at Best Buy among other places) fit nicely with the Samsung DLP sets and others of a similar size. A couple have a silver and graphite finish that blends nicely aesthetically too. Usually about $200.
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