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SAMSUNG DLP: Thumbs up or down?

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I'm evaluating thte possible purchase of a Samsung DLP but I have heard that it may not be reliable.

I know that many of you bought it through the AVS powerbuy-- was that a good decision? Would you do it over again?

What, if any, problems have you had with the set? Has Samsung been helpful?

Most importantly, can you in good conscience recomend this tv?

Thanks in advance for your considered response.
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These issues have been discussed a gazillion times in this forum, including several polls - please look through the previous posts. The most important thing you need to know is that no HDTV technology that is out there is perfect - i.e., each has pros and cons. It all boils down to what you are willing to live with and what you are not. Obviously you have aout $4000 to spend - do some research on this forum and make an informed decision.
Thumbs Way UP!!!

I purchased 46" HLN a year ago. I was so pleased with it, I just purchased 61" last month. If you have DVI source to feed it, even better. I love my DLP's, and use them for 4-6hrs a day between wife and myself, no problems. I do not think it is a fluke that they are the most talked about RPTV's on this forum. Bottom line is I would not trade them for anything else out there today, and I have seen them all. Then again thats just my opinion.

Thumbs up! I had the three-blinking-light problem after four months, but I would still buy this set all over again. The picture quality is awesome, and the services I received from Samsung have been extraordinary!
If you are worried about reliability just make sure you buy from a good store with a no-hassle return policy. There are a lot of DLP owners on this forum and the majority of them are happy. The PQ is excellent and I'd say you would be very happy with it.

The only problem I have with the DLP sets is the price. I haven't yet decided if I want to spend that much money on a set I'll probably be replacing in 2 or 3 years. It seems like I face this dilemma with everything I buy though :) I'm staying in my holding pattern for at least one more month.
Thumbs Up. I've had my HLN4365W since April and I love it.
Thumbs way up on a mid-August delivery that worked great since then right out of the box. Not that I won't tweak it at some point. I have no reservations in recommending this unit with my source material, which relies heavily on OTA and C-band satellite. Very good SD/analog on satellite and OTA, good analog OTA and spectacular HD pictures. DVD's even with a 480i player have been fine - but I'll tweak and eventually get a DVI output to get the best possible out of the system - especially wrt to shades of darkness.

So far - knock wood - no service issues at all, everything nominal. I saw rainbows one time when I tried and not since. No eye fatique. Saw the faint green ghost once so far but it was not intrusive or even noticed by others (I knew where to look and did). I do notice more lip synch issues (not OTA or DVD), but you can get that with plasma and others, and I cannot ascribe these to the unit. Also, I can fix them with my audio system delay adjustment.

It is critical for you to evaluate your source material, however,based on reports here from people who suffer from poorer signal quality sources like some small dish satellite channels and some cable arrangements. Your results may vary with the source.
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Two thumbs up. I am still amazed of the picture quality of the HLN467 unit.

Thumbs up for sure. I love my HLN567W

I've only had my set two days now, so my "rating" here might be premature. But, I'm quite happy ("thumbs up") with it. Watching, say, CNN on cable isn't to my liking, the larger screen certainly does emphasize my poor cable quality (and that's a key point, my cable signal is, and always has been meager). But watching DVDs (my main source of "fun" for the set, and reason I bought the 467) is wonderful, and I'm only using the S-Video inputs thus far. VHS tapes, like cable, aren't very satisfying however. Again, signal quality really does seem to define how pleasant the PQ is.

And, the size and light-weight of the set are terrific, another reason I bought the 467 instead of other, "heavier" technologies.


I am in the market for this tv. I am getting set up for HDTV, but am going to wait till HD Tivo hits the market. How is this TV with a standard Directv signal? I keep hearing that it is horrible.

I would read the many posts on this subject and decide whether or not the shortcomings of this set (versus the shortcomings with others) make this the best choice in your circumstance. I agree with the above - no set is perfect. That being said here are a few of my opinions:

I had the three blinking lights issue after 54 days, and it was a pain to have fixed (others have had a better experience). The service tech that worked on my set said in his opinion the Sammy had no more repairs as a percentage than others. This set has been very popular and the squeaky wheels will always stand out (like me).

Now that the TV is working again, I can say the picture varies from terrible to unbelievable depending on the source. IMO, this tv is similar to high end audio components in its transparency, feed it junk and it will really highligt that fact. Feed it a great signal and you will be blown away.

My viewing includes Directv, DVD, HTPC, HiDef Antenna through HTPC, and XBOX. Directv really highlights the source problems. Some channels stink and some look really good for SD (especially on a 507 sitting 10ft away). Remember , you can get away with a pretty bad signal when most people have 19" interlaces CRTs. I did run AVIA through the SVideo a few times to tweak up the settings. Another benefit - I watch all of my 4:3 in 4:3 (no stretch modes) since there are no burn-in issues.

Good DVD's through component look great, and through DVI are fantastic. XBOX in 480P or 720P - outstanding.

With all of the issues with this set I will say this - watch Monday Night Football or Jay Leno through DVI and there is no going back. This set will amaze you.

I hope this helps - and by the way, I am typing this using the Sammy as a monitor from 10' away - the picture is crystal clear - better than my other monitor!

- Sean
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Thumbs up only after 3 days. Just got HD Comcast installed and I'm very impressed. More importantly so is the wife so that I can justify the expense of the 5065. Just missed football but can't wait for this weekend.

SD sources are +/-. My digital cable channels are good to excellent. Analog is pretty poor with lots of background noise which is a known problem with the Moto 5100 box. Tivo is acceptable to our family on the tube but I'm still experimenting with the connections.

My Bravo D1 is on the way but I must say that the DVD's I've watched off a non-progressive composite connection were impressive in and of itself.

After 6 weeks with the hln5065w an unqualified thumbs up. I have TW cable and find the HD channels incredible and the digital channels, including HBO also excellent- DVD quality at times. The analog TW channels are a mixed bag with some as good as on an analog TV and some pretty washed out and noisy.

Program source is the key. With a clean signal this set is photographic in quality and avoids the burnout issues of most other technologies.
Originally posted by bukiwhitey
Thumbs Way UP!!!

I purchased 46" HLN a year ago.

Is that a typo David. A year ago there were a very small number of HLMMMM 437 and 507 sets in customer's hands. How did you get a HLN467 with the new thin bezel and firmware version 214 so soon? ;)
Thumbs up I was in on original power buy but canceled because of all the issues. Plus I felt I shouldn't have to do a million tweaks in service menu. A set costing over 3 grand should be watchable out of the box. So I waited and waited till this past week finaly pulling the trigger on HLN467 set. A second generation Sammy dlp set with lastest firmware with great PQ right out of the box. Even looks good on my Comcast anolog channels. Sometimes good things are worth waiting for.
Thumbs down for ME because: I see rainbows ALL the time and I have the internal reflection problem.

Now, if you're not susceptible to rainbows and get a set without internal reflections, which seems to vary from person to person, set to set, THEN I say give the DLP's a chance.

HD looks absolutely beautiful, unfortunately (for me) it only makes up about 5% of my viewing.:( My Samsung 931 DVI DVD player looks almost as good.:D Videogames look stunning. SD cable varies from bearable to unwatchable.

BTW, I have an HLN4365W v.214.

Thumbs down for me. I can't stand the motion dither artifacts, although I think the TVs look great on still images. The lack of a 480i - 1080i component input is also a minus.
Thumbs UP!

I got the HLN-617W at the beginning of August; source material includes DirecTV, OTA (HD) and Cable (SD), all through Sony SAT-HD200 with DVI; Samsung DVD-HD931 with up-converted 720p output via DVI; X-Box via HD/Component; and Sony DVP-S7000 at 480i via Component. I calibrated the monitor with the help of Video Essentials.

Quality of SD cable from Comcast is poor. Quality of SD DirecTV is decent. Quality of DVDs via component input is very good; via DVI is unbelievably good. Quality of HD content via DirecTV or OTA is the best I have seen on any display at any time, after having looked for an HDTV for over a year.

Considering this 61" display cost $4,250, and a 61" plasma would cost about $13,000 -- this is a great purchase.
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