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Samsung DTB-H260F Issues?

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Hello All!

I just got the samsung DTB-H260F. I have a Sony XBR800 34" widescreen 1080i set with no tuner, and want to be able to get the digital hidef local channels my cable provider broadcasts over QAM. I know they do this because I have an Aquos with a built in QAM tuner.

The first thing I noticed is that the channels on my Aquos (for example, 85-3 is CBS) is different on my samsung, it is 85-1. Why would the channels come across as different from one tuner to the next?

Second issue - I have the switch on the back of the samsung set to 1080i, and the preferences have my TV set up as a 16:9 tv. I go to a channel broadcasting in full 1080i HD 16:9 (verified by my aquos in the other room) and my Sony displays it compressed in the screen - not quite 4:3 - a little wider. I know the inputs on the TV are good, because I hooked up a dvd player to it and it displayed widescreen no issue.

I am using component cables... any idea?!


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Ok, I figured out the compression - for some reason, even though I said I have a 16:9 screen I have to also tell it to display it in FULL mode.

So, any ideas on why the channels would be different tuner to tuner?


Is the sammy also displaying QAM from the cable and not OTA HD?

Might be the difference.
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