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I only just bought this product. It supports Timeshift (it is emblazoned all over the box and it is in the manual). However, it won't work. I get the "You cannot use this operation or function" icon on the TV screen.

I live in Bulgaria. I have (registered it and) raised a service request with Samsung (UK) as I am English and they have referred me to Slovakia as that is where it (the version that I have) is made. Great! I don't speak Bulgarian well enough to talk to people here about the problem and now they refer me to Slovakia. It is a large company and the product is sold worldwide, you would think that the least they could do is provide me with service in English via the internet. Isn't that what the internet is all about? I am not asking them to visit my home yet.

Rant over

It is attached to a satellite decoder (Bulsatcom) and I use Scart between decoder and recorder and between recorder and TV. I have already had to change a setting on the Bulsatcom box (Widescreen signalling) in order to get the Samsung machine to record at all. Without disabling Widescreen signalling, I got a "You cannot record copy protected movie" message when trying to record anything, adverts, CNN, etc..

This seemed a bit obscure to me (although, technically, I wouldn't have a clue what Widescreen signalling is) and am wondering if there is some other setting that is equally obscure that is causing Timeshift not to work. What sort of signal does it require, if anything?

The silly thing is that I can use simultaneous record and play, which is effectively the same thing (i.e. we can start recording a channel and then do playback, etc. while it continues to record). The only difference really is that Timeshift has its own onscreen menu displaying status points of record and play, etc..

In fact, in a sense, simultaneous record and play is better in as much as you can use both DVD and HDD whereas Timeshift is restricted to HDD.

Anyone have any ideas?
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