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Samsung Dynamic Contrast Picture Quailty

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I just returned a recently purchased LNT4042 and will be getting a 4053 in a few days and have been reading alot of the calibration threads here on AVS. It seems most people like to completely turn off the dynamic contrast setting on their samsungs or at the most have it on a low setting. When I had my 4042 i had that setting on medium and while it did cause a little black crush i found that the improvement in contrast was a good trade off. For those that do turn it off, I was wondering if you are able to get good overall contrast with this setting off. Will a combination of gamma, backlight, brightness and contrast give a better picture than using the dynamic contrast feature? The only problem i see with this feature is that if you have a very dark scene with a bright light, the light might fade a little because the backlight will be turned down so much that there won't be enough backlight to make the light pop out. Other than that i would like to read some opinions on this subject.
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Wow, looks like you've stirred things up! I say the feature is a must, although most would disagree. I would like you to refer to this page.......



Turn it on. If you don't like it, turn it off.
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