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I am planning on pulling the trigger today and I think I have narrowed my choices down to these two Plasmas ( and two different Sharp LEDs) and I was wondering if anyone had any feed back on the differences between these two models, besides the obvious of the Panasonic being a 55" and having 3D.

My main concerns are in the area of over all picture quality and screen glare, which keeps making me think I should just go with an LED. The television will be in our living room and we have a viewing distance of around 8 feet. It will be watched during the day by my daughter, wife and stepson. I will not get my turn until after hours, most of my viewing will be movies, television and sports. I only watch Blu-Ray at this point and we rarely watch SD programming.

In an ideal world I would like to get the best pic quality 60"( or 55") i can get for not a dime more than $1200, exluding taxes, so I am open to recommendations outside of these two televisions.

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