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I have a 65" F7100, and calibrated the TV using the Xbox One hdtv calibration. Part of calibration is putting the TV into Game Mode, which consequently forces you into the Sound Mode called "Movie". I have noticed that when the sound mode is set to "Movie", audio volume is inconsistent. Also, I already have Auto-Volume turned OFF. For example, I have a TiVo, and volume of the "beep" noise TiVo makes when navigating menus seems to randomly vary quieter and louder. If I set the sound mode to "Standard" I have no such issue and the volume is consistent, but then I cannot place the TV into game mode. Does anyone have info on this "Movie" sound mode and why it might cause such inconsistencies?


I apologize if this is in the wrong forum category. This is my first post on this forum. Also, I searched before posting and did not find anything.


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