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ok guys, I've been doing home PC setups for a bit now for people wanting to use their flatscreen as a monitor for their own purposes. anyway. I've got this PC with an ASUS EAH 3870 4 DVI graphics card. guy is currently running 2 monitors flawlessly, I can move them around connections wise on the back of the card and they come right back on. he has a 58 inch samsung plasma. heavy SOB too. like 100 lbs heavy. anyway. it is a full 1080P model. we ran a 20 foot DVI to HDMI converter to his samsung. for some reason, the TV is recognizing that a cable is there, but that there is no signal. check the PC, PC acts like the TV isn't on the other side of the cable. swapped it around with the other 2 monitors, same deal. brought in an HDMI monitor from HANNS-G, works great. no problem. so I went and bought a different cable. same DVI to HDMI cable connection. no change. I reinstalled the catalyst control center. which is where things got interesting. the TV comes back with a "mode not supported" on the screen, and during the install process the PC see's and even identifies it as a samsung. regardless of resolution, problem remains, although I did get a really crappy 8 bit on the 480i resolution setting but it still said "mode not supported" on TV. I tried every setting I could find in that short amount of time. nothing was even close to right. when the install completed, again the PC and TV won't talk at all. they both seem to know the cable is connected to something, but there is no signal.

where should I begin or get started.

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