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Samsung H8000 Calibration Settings

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So I just got my H8000 and so far I'm loving it. I was kinda worried about input lag as I game a lot but I've found that it's much better than my old TV, which was about 10 years old. Uniformity is great and I've honestly never been happier with a TV purchase. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some calibration settings for movies/sports. I've been tinkering with the picture nonstop since I got it and I'm driving my gf nuts with it. Thanks guys!
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Calibration settings usually only work best on the panel that they were calibrated on. Transferring settings may work but all you are doing is adjusting your panel to another tv, you are not calibrating your tv. The reason being is component tolerances. If you are serious about adjusting your panel you should get the free AVS HD709 disc or purchase a commercial calibration disk and adjust. That may be all you need. To truly calibrate your panel you will need to pay for a professional calibration or learn to DIY.
Thanks for the reply Otto. I was mostly just interested in trying some recommended settings until my WOW disc arrives, I think I'll give those rec 709 tools a try though. Thank you!!
The AVS HD709 disk is a pretty good disk to make adjustments with and keep your panel in great shape because some will drift over time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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