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Samsung HD931 codes

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Anyone have codes in a CCF (Pronto) or NCF (Marantz RC3200) for the Samsung HD931 DVD player? I don't want to steal a layout - I just need all the IR codes for the remote that ships with the player. Thanks!
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I also would like to know. I am interested in getting an MX series remote. Does using the MX series remote with discreet codes for a Samsung HLN617W work with a Samsung HD931 dvd player as well or does the HD931 not have discreet codes? Anyone know the answer to this?

Do any of the codes from other Samsung DVD players work?
To my knowledge, there are no discretes for the HD931. You might try using "Play & Stop" for "On" and "Play & Power" for "Off" in your macros.
Why doesn't Samsung program this into their machines. I have a SIR S75 dbs box and it doesn't have them either.
A products ability to be automated does not effect its sales. The custom installation or automation market is too small for manufacturers to pay attention to it. While it does not cost a great deal to have discrete codes programmed into a unit it has to be deemed important by either marketing or engineering. It is rarely considered by either. And because people like you continue to support these products manufacturers do not have to pay the penalty with market share.

I was not being a smart *ss above. If it does not affect sales it will not be changed. Since it does not affect sales sufficiently to show up on their radar screens manufacturers have no incentive to include discrete codes. You need to vote with your feet and choose products that have discrete codes. If enough people - and I mean a lot of people - choose product x over y because it has discrete IR or RS-232 then the manufacturer will include the feature. Since most people are like you and do not think of this feature until they have already purchased the product ( and it is too late by then ) there is no reason for the manufacturer to change his practices. They will only include a feature if they think it will affect sales.
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