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I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I was looking for some advice. I seem to have gotten myself into an endless cycle of annoyance with my home theater setup. I have a 55" Samsung lcd. I do not remember the model off of the top of my head. I had an old rca 5.1 receiver (that I've had and used for many years) this receiver had only an optical connector and a coaxial input. My plan when purchasing the television was to use the 3 hdmi inputs it had, and then use the optical out on the back of the tv into the back of the receiver. Of course,.....this did not pan out as for whatever reason, the tv only outputs 2.0 audio from its toslink connector. I'm not sure why samsung would make an lcd that takes the time to downconvert a 5.1 signal from hdmi to a 2.0 output, but hey, those are the kicks.

So for a couple of years now this is how I have functioned. I have digital cable, a media center pc, and my xbox 360 all connected via hdmi to the tv, and a 2.0 audio signal. (what a waste of the bluray drive in my pc)

I just purchased a yamaha rx-v667 in hopes of finally having a decent setup of hdmi audio.

The receiver has 6 hdmi inputs. I connected all of my gear to this receiver and took it's single hdmi output to my television.

Now I have another interesting dilema. Of course the hdmi switching is great on the receiver and I finally have 5.1 from my digital sources. However, I noticed something. I went from watching a dvd to playing some halo reach on my xbox. My xbox image was far more dark than usual.

I then realized... I had my hdmi 1 input on my tv for my xbox (and had the picture adjusted, and the samsung's game mode enabled) and had different settings (calibrated video settings for dvds etc) on hdmi 2 on my tv.

so now i have to decide..... how can i end up with separate video calibrations (one for gaming and one for dvds) well..... the best i can come up with is to get an hdmi splitter and split my output of my yamaha into two inputs of my tv.

now when i switch sources on my receiver, i will also have to switch sources on my television (to get the different image settings i want)

anyone else have a better idea? .....why doesn't this frustration ever end? haha
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