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I power up the tv. It goes through its "boot up" process and works. In approximately 5-10 min it powers off, and the indicator LEDs on the power switch blink as follows:

Red: Standy/Temp

Green: Lamp

Green: Timer

This behavior has been an issue for a week or two. In the beginning it would happen on occasion but as of today the set will not stay on for more than 5 min.

In the past, both the color wheel and the digital processor unit were replaced by a technician under an extended warranty.

I've contimplated purchasing a replace bulb but felt this was probably not the cause since it still has video.

Could it be over-heating? I entered the service menu, reset user settings, did a lamp clear then turned it off for a about an hour and it started working again without issue. I guess tomorrow I need to check to make sure the cooling fan is functioning.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be are welcome.
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