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i'd like to step into the world of hi def, and money is an issue.

so far from what i have read i think this is my best option for HD TV and a PlayStation3.

(and so far amazon has a great price i think)

what would be the pro's and cons for this unit?

and what else would i need (or would you recomend for it)

i am a complete newb when it comes to tv's and hi def, it will be in my bed room (and form what i gather, 1080p is better if you sit closer, but again, money is a concern) (and oh ya, i am stepping up from an RCA XL100 witch i got for free many years ago and has worked great,,, but it is ancient,,, so anything really is an improvement, but i want something that will last for a while and keep up with the new tech out there)

what i like so far: its atleast 720p and 1080I, light as far as rear projection goes, has the hdmi connects, and did i mention affordable....

so what am i missing, or what else should i be aware of?

any help at all would be appriciated!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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